Pricing is somewhat tricky when it comes to the work of a mobile notary public. The price that you’ll pay will depend on several factors. First, some states regulate the maximum amount that a notary public may charge for notarial activities, notarized signatures, or both. Some states allow notaries to charge travel fees, although many do not. However, certain jurisdictions have no legal notary fee schedule.

There are some who don’t abide by the notary laws of their state and establish a fee schedule of their own. For example, they may clients pay additional fees for the notarial stamp. Many notaries have billed the notarial act in another language. It is also not permissible in some jurisdictions to charge extra for describing the notarization procedure done in different languages.

Some mobile notaries charge more for the use of embossers instead of notary stamps. They also charge higher if the notarization work is done during weekends or after office hours. These are the notaries that risk suspending or revoking their commissions.

How Much Should You Pay for Notary?

It would depend on what the state allows. Paying for higher than the state’s permissible charges is against the rule. Mobile notaries may additional transportation fees if the state allows it. That is the fee to apply if you’re visiting your customer at a place that’s not your usual workplace. However, you must provide the client with a detailed receipt separating notarial fees from the other charges like travel fees.

Whenever potential clients ask about how much they should spend for a mobile notary public, they are usually told that the charges will depend on the number of notarial actions to be done, as well as how far it is to drive to their location. It will be higher if the notary public would have to fly to the location to make it on time. The amount will only be determined once the appointment location and time are set. Only then would the mobile notary public can assess how much the service fee will be.

How to Get a Mobile Notary Service

When you are offered certain products, then they must comply with the guidelines of the state. If there are additional fees in the estimate, make sure that your state approves them. Notaries should respect the state’s law governing the notary public. Otherwise, it could trigger the notary public’s contract to be revoked. The state may also impose some heavy penalties on them.

In case you need a notary public London, start by hiring people who are well experienced in the job. You want somebody who knows the job very well, all the legalities of it. This gives you confidence that you’re following all the procedures right.

Remember that the work of the notary public is a legal document. You want it to be executed correctly or you will be the one to pay the price. Start asking for referrals from family, friends, and other people whom you trust. That’s a good way to find the right notary public that will not overcharge you but help you in every step of the way.